About Freestate Pharmacy

Freestate Pharmacy is a family oriented independently operated pharmacy.

We pride ourselves in giving great, quality customer service and reaching out to the needs of the community. With us your wellness is our Priority! Beyond your regular pharmacy needs we offer a variety of services, including: School required and travel vaccinations, Diabetes Education, Nutrition Counselling and a wide range of Herbal and Natural Vitamins.

We also have Durable Medical Equipment and provide our patients with Medication therapy management (MTM) services (a comprehensive medical service to optimize drug therapy and improve therapeutic outcomes). We offer free home/office delivery and mailings for our patients.

No insurance, no problem, browse thru our list of over 200 generic medications at only $3.99. We can help you search for a variety of manufacture coupons to save you on high copays. At Freestate Pharmacy, we are here to help with your healthcare needs and help you save on healthcare spending. Your well-being is our outmost priority.

Switch today to Freestate Pharmacy and become part of our family of healthy, health savings network.